fatal to the fiesh

fatal to the fiesh

1:Kaushal Tiwari:
fatal to the fiesh_1
Fishing not always is fun. Night finishing could be fatal. Not everybody, like this patient, could be lucky enough to survive such an injury to the neck, fish beak kissing the Carotid Artery. /sJ6wTsXe0I
2:National Aquarium:
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At 26,000 feet under the sea, snailfish thrive in an otherwise inhospitable environment.

The chilly temperatures and high water pressure that would prove fatal for most other living creatures holds the fish’s body together—when brought to the surface, its body melts away! /WmchNCEVWe
3:Jay Beeman:
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Miss EmmaFrost Icebreaker is a total powerhouse professional when it comes to administering fatal bunny kicks to the Flippity Fish. In this video she demonstrates her devastatingly lethal moves. #TNR #CommunityCats #Cats #CatsOfTwitter #Play #WaywardFelines #StreetCats /xuW146LaaL
4:U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service:
The endangered riparian brush rabbit is found only in California’s Central Valley. Were working with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to vaccinate these rabbits against the fatal virus known as RHDV-2.

Background story: /YMcr4nLVhF /kXTR3BNweN
5:Writing To Winners🏆:
A fatal mistake is to assume that the abundant life God promised is material things!

Earth is not our final home we were created for something much better!

What is seen is temporary what is unseen is eternal!

A fish would never be happy living on land cuz it was made for water
6:Tom Kallman:
Nothing screams corrupt official willing to harm Americans more than a governor refusing to accept thousands of positive results connected to chloroquine – yet has the audacity to outlaw its prescription due to the fatal result of 1 person goofy enough to drink fish tank cleaner.
7:Sachin Sethi ਸਚਿਨ ਸੇਠੀ:
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Evolution or Pollution ?
Pitiful fish in the photo urging humans to stop pollution. But humans without thinking put plastic in water bodies which in return causes health hazardous to aquatic life. This may lead to fatal even. PLEASE #StopPlastic 🙏 /11jFmgC9hs
8:Raveen Aujmaya:
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#VIDEO: Large numbers of fish have died in #Euphrates river in #Babil governorate, #Iraq due to large oil spots in the water seen by the residents. The government denied and said a fatal fungal infection likely killing thousands of Euphrates river fish.. /jkej3GkHEE
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Synanceia is a genus of fish of the family Synanceiidae, the stonefishes, whose members are venomous, dangerous, and even fatal to humans /LiBOZRBEF2 /XhOYdzrdYD
10:Gabriella Commisso:
Todays fish(es) are the Weevers (Trachinidae)! Theyre notorious for their venomous stings, which are said to be extremely painful, though rarely fatal.
📸Unknown, Getty, John Shelley /1wNuOpGHMh


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